Why telemarketing scripts don’t work within B2B Sales environment

Why telemarketing scripts don’t work within B2B Sales environment

Here at Advance as you may be aware, we operate within 3 key sectors, New Build Construction, Built Environment or Refurbishment & Industrial Markets. When we established our Telemarketing Company 5 years ago, we chose these sectors specifically as they were our backgrounds and knew we could generate our Client’s Return on Investment. 

We are sometimes asked by Prospects ‘do you use scripts’? If not Why not? The answer is simple, people buy from people and with Advance only operating in these 3 sectors we understand the various routes to market. We know how to approach these calls at every stage within these Industries, Including the terminology and language being used, to the point that scripts would damage the flow of the conversations. 

This being said our Team go through rigorous training when they join the company and before commencing on new campaigns, but most importantly they always follow a specific call structure when making their calls.


Call Structure

1.Introduction – yourself & the company you are calling from 

2. Rapport building – develop a connection with the person you are speaking to 

3. Information gathering – questioning stage open & closed

4. Spot sales triggers – identifying a true need and qualify the appointment / lead 

5. Objection handling – overcoming any possible obstacles that there may be 

6. Recap & Close – confirming details and next actions

Product and Culture Training

Before we begin any new campaign, we take the client through an on boarding process in which we discuss the specific call objectives and reaffirm the brief, this allows the Account Manager to embed themselves into the company.

So, why they don’t work….

Here are some reasons why scripts do not work in the B2B telemarketing environment

1. They are not flexible; the person on the other end of the phone can tell straight away that the telemarketer is using a script, this then leads them to become less engaged and loose interest.

2. Difficult to build rapport; when a telemarketer works from a script it is instantly harder to build rapport during the call, within the B2B telemarketing industry rapport building is one of the most important stages of the call… people buy from people.

3. Highlight a sales pitch; no one likes to be sold to, when a script is being used the person on the other end of the phone is expecting a sales pitch, this allows them to automatically have a No prepared. If scripts are not being used it is just a natural flowing conversation and the person is sold before then realise there was a pitch even involved.

4. Scripts fall apart when questions are asked; No matter how in-depth a script is there will always be the curve ball, this is a question that you were not expecting. As soon as this happens the scripts is out of the window and the call will likely fall apart and lose all sense of direction.

5. Telemarketers work best by adapting to the situation; The best Telemarketers are the ones who can adapt to the situation at hand, they are able to do this by working from there own initiative and dealing with the information they obtain during the call, allowing them to react and process the call in real time.

We take our Telemarketing seriously and therefore we build any campaign around our client’s objectives and route to market, engaging with them every step of the way. This ensures the highest possible ROI.

If you would like to discuss how a telemarketing campaign could assist you, your business and your sales team, call our office for a no obligation chat.