Market research call campaigns enable you to gain a unique insight into your prospects’ exact needs. Investing in these campaigns gives you a significant advantage over your competitors and unlocks new opportunities for expansion and growth.

At Advance Connects, we conduct targeted market research campaigns on your behalf. You may want us to collate feedback from your existing customer base to solidify and improve relationships. Alternatively, we can garner useful opinions or identify specific requirements from a wider audience operating in the construction, built environment and industry sectors. We can utilise your existing data or source lists of new targets from our trusted partners.

We will work with you to design a market research call campaign that has clearly defined messages and goals. Our highly experienced market research telemarketers use their extensive industry knowledge to achieve the best possible results. Results will be delivered in real-time, enabling you to make quick decisions and realise an excellent return on your investment.

At the outset of our relationship, we take the time to understand your business, current goals and vision for the future. We will then carry out extensive market research to ensure we present your company credibly, confidently and competitively to ensure you stand out in the marketplace.

Common Questions

We can be as reactive as you need us to be. However, we always recommend you allow time at the outset of a campaign to ensure all parties have a full understanding of your overall objectives.

We take the time to understand and agree your objectives prior to commencing a telemarketing campaign. All campaigns differ – your primary goals, target audience and data sources can all influence the outcome – but our evaluation period provides an opportunity to anticipate actual performance. By analysing established pipelines, we can project how your campaign is likely to perform. We then monitor the performance of the campaign throughout using our sophisticated CRM system, which enables us to responsively and efficiently adapt the strategy as required to achieve the best possible results for your business.

All our CRM customer data is securely held with a well-known and reputable cloud provider. The information is encrypted at-rest and in-transit (to prevent interception and theft) and can only be accessed by authorised members of staff from our head office (locked to office IP address). All actions are audited/recorded for security. We are GDPR compliant.

Our telemarketers take the time to understand your offering and values to ensure your business is represented accurately and credibly at all times. We believe in maintaining clear lines of communication between our office and yours. Our dedicated customer relationship manager ensures a seamless integration between our offices is achieved through good communication and a rapid response to any queries and concerns. Our real-time reporting enables you monitor progress at any stage of a campaign.