An introduction to our Sales Director

Who is Guy Statham from Advance Group?

So, strange opening for an article, however, I wanted to tell my story of how it has now become possible to say, “it’s Guy Statham from Advance Group” and what this means to me.

The story begins nearly 4 years ago when a former colleague and good friend called me on the morning of Sunday 27th March 2016, asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch, me as always keen for a lunch agree, so, I met up with Mike Whitfield & Simon Weise and we discussed our current work and personal situations of which was a re-visited conversation and idea we has previously discussed 2 years prior, about starting a telemarketing business and what that could mean to us, as the idea grew over the coming days/weeks Advance Group was born!

In the next few months my personal circumstances and unfortunate timing meant that I could not be part of the inception of Advance. I have full custody of my eldest daughter Skye, who was born 3 and a half months premature resulting in a diagnosis of cerebral diplegia, and right around this time and required numerous surgeries of which were planned for proceeding 24-36 months.

This left me with an easy decision to make at the time, however, meant professional sacrifice, to follow my dreams of being a part of Advance knowing that I was not in a position to 100% commit to a new business or stay with a company that offered stability and security when I needed most and also were aware of my impending situation with regards to the surgery that would be required for Skye. Following further discussions between Mike, Simon and I, we accepted timing was against the idea, for now!

The friendship has never differed and throughout the proceeding 3 to 4 years we remained close, I have always been one of Advances biggest advocates and our professional paths would forever be entwined during the 1st years, so much so, I have been on most staff parties with Advance and always felt immense pride in both Mike & Si for what they went on to achieve, from literally nothing! At almost every one of the nights out, over a cocktail or 2, it was discussed that when the time was right, I would become part of Advance Group.

Well October 2019 the time was right, and it has been by far the best decision of my career!

I love it, some of the best colleagues & clients that I could ever wish for. As sales director within Advance it leans on my experience of selling direct to the construction industry, my knowledge of sales / pipeline building, data, timing and getting the best from all of these we have had a great start to 2020.

If you would like to discuss any or all of our services, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07544 767916 or email me on

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