Why are we industry specific?

Why are we industry specific?

I’ve had a number of people ask me the same question now, that’s “why do we only work within one industry?”. Whether it’s during a meeting or a friend showing a polite interest I give the same answer.

Simply put that answer is, because we’re great at it and our focus on Construction is one of our strongest assets.

But I get to look at our results and hear all the feedback from our clients, so thought I’d detail below 1 example of why I’m able to say we’re great at what we do.

Getting the chance

As you can imagine a good number of the companies we meet are currently involved with or using other Lead Generation/Telemarketing providers, usually a “we do everything” provider, picture the most generic call centre you can…. them! Thanks to our expert Business Development manager Mike Dunn (no you can’t have him, he’s ours!) we still get the opportunity to meet with these companies. We’re given the chance to show them how much more they could be getting.

For one client in particular this was identified within the first month.

The Numbers

We began working with a client whom was already involved with a Lead Generation company, we ran a 1 month 10 day trial achieving 100% of our expected results. This was enough for said client to double their days with us to 20 per month for October, November and December. During this 3 month period we returned 82 qualified appointments, all quality opportunities and genuine chances to win work AND 24 enquiries, current projects for our client to price. We move into January now on a total of 154 appointments and enquiries combined to the great news that they are no longer working with “Generic Telemarketer A” and would like to continue working with us moving forward.

This was amazing news, and something I have a number of examples of. Now we work tirelessly to improve on the above.

In conclusion

One of the first things that is apparent in every meeting we’ve sat is the want for the person sitting opposite us to know that we understand their business, their industry, their product/service and their potential clients. Being able to put their mind at rest and join them in a conversation on their level, getting straight into details that matter only comes from an understanding gained over years of dedicating our time to the construction industry.

There will always be a number of options when you look to work with an outsourced Lead Generation and Telemarketing partner, our 2 pence is industry specific is better. Though I suppose you would expect us to say that. Come and give us a try, we’d be happy to prove it!