You have achieved your monthly, quarterly or year-end goals, everything is going remarkably well, then you ask yourself, how do I achieve this time and time again? But more importantly, WHY? Why do I want to continue to achieve, what drives me?

I couldn’t imagine anything worse than waking up every morning, 5 snooze buttons deep thinking, ‘oh great, I have to go to work and its only Tuesday’. Keeping yourself motivated is one thing, but when it comes to leading a team and delivering as a business area motivation is one of the fundamental drivers for success. So, how do you keep yourself and more importantly your team motivated?

Knowing your team

When I first joined Advance TM Group, I looked at my new team and wanted to get to know everyone before assuming I knew how to manage and work with them effectively. I looked to understand their individual strengths, weaknesses, who they are as a person and more importantly the drivers behind why they do what they do.


How do you bring out the best in your team?

Knowing someone well enough to understand what motivates them is one thing, now implement it! It was my responsibility to create personal development plans for our team. Now granted PDP’s all look a little similar at the start, but when you get to know someone it’s so important to use the information you have. It’s too easy to “revert to type” and tar everyone with the, they’ll love money brush. It’s called a “personal development plan” for a reason, make it personal, make it fit them, make it something they’re motivated to achieve against.

There is nothing worse than trying to bring out the best in a person but giving them a goal that they have no interest in achieving.

Think of this analogy, you have a football team, a team full of individual skill and talent but you don’t know the players motivation. It would be pointless motivating a striker against a clean sheet, how could they possibly control this? And if they tried to, then you would have a great goal scorer dropping back. Granted you may keep that clean sheet, but you’re not likely to score either! This is the same within an office team, knowing your team and their motivation will ensure you get results and achieve targets.


What keeps me going?

For me, my motivation comes from working with, looking after and training a team. There is nothing more rewarding than giving someone the confidence, belief and knowledge to do an amazing job, watching them make it their own and then motivating them to continually achieve and improve.

By keeping myself and our team motivated. By working together and maintaining the desire to consistently achieve we’re able to deliver amazing results for our clients, deliver against company targets and enjoy ourselves whilst we do it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Rich Bowden

Advance TM Group Team Leader