The Values of Values

The Values of values

I have been wanting to write a blog with this as its title for a while now and having recently released our new website ( which contains our updated values, it seemed like now was as an appropriate time as any.

So, what are our company values?

People – Working collaboratively together, sharing knowledge and experiences to deliver the best solutions.

Quality – Being professional and adopting best practice to meet clients’ highest expectations while achieving the highest possible standings in terms of quality and sustainability.

Integrity – Listening and sharing; building trust and acting with integrity.

Transparency – Treating others with respect; Being clear, open and working with transparency.

Respect –  Encouraging, supporting and understanding others – their ideas, their views and their knowledge.

One of the first things I brought to the table when we first started discussing the idea of Advance TM Group (Advance Telemarketing at the time) was having a strong set of core values to underpin everything we do. Fortunately, this was as equally important to Mike and was embraced with open arms.

Having never previously incorporated or grown a new business I wasn’t sure how much the values would influence Advance at the time or what it would mean further down the line. I just knew I wanted to help create something that was, as much as you can be, different.

Why are values an important thing to look for in a company?

The idea of having values at the heart of a Business is nothing new and there will always be the companies that fall short of the promise behind this. But to understand what is important to the people you work with, why they do what they do and what drives their way of thinking gives you a great insight to what to expect from dealing with them.

It’s only now, almost 2 years down the line we can actually see how important they were and are to us. We’re not just a 3 month old business preaching about wanting to be better or different. We’re an established company that lives and breathes the values that helped make us who we are today. It keeps us fair and honest with our team and clients and means we can offer an exceptional minimum performance guarantee driven by a quality that has become expected of Advance.

The Value of Values.

To me the value of our values came in helping us create a point to reflect back too when making important decision for our company. Provided we made these decisions with Integrity, Transparency and Respect, ensuring the Quality never dropped and we had considered our team our clients and our business (People), we knew we would continue heading in the right direction.

With a number of new business meetings lined up, I can’t wait to deliver this message in every one of them!

Simon Weise

Sales & Marketing Director